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Geneos is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company developing personalized immunotherapies against tumor specific neoantigens which arise from gene mutations in cancer cells. We have developed a proprietary GT-EPIC(TM) platform to identify, design, manufacture, and deliver tumor specific treatments. The company has initiated 3 Phase Ib/IIa clinical programs in brain cancer and advanced liver cancer. All 3 INDs are open and recruiting patients.

The GT-EPIC(TM) platform is differentiated from other neoantigen approaches in 3 key ways making it cost effective, time efficient, and clinically efficacious:
1. Ability to drive CD8 and CD4 T cells (versus CD4 only)
2. Ability to deliver larger neoantigen payloads (50+ versus 5-20)
3. Faster manufacturing times (6-8 weeks versus 12-16 weeks)

Geneos is led by an experienced biopharma management team and advisors. The company has established clinical collaborations at major cancer centers including Johns Hopkins, Mt Sinai, and WUSM.
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Privately Funded Company
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United States
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GNOS-PV02 for the treatment of advanced hepatocellular cancer
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Geneos Therapeutics, Inc.