NaNotics, LLC

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NaNotics, LLC is an U.S. biotechnology company headquartered in Marin, California. NaNotics is developing a new method of treating disease via injectable nanoparticles called NaNots, which deplete specific pathogenic molecules from blood. NaNotics is developing a NaNot set for treating metastatic cancer as well as a set for treating sepsis, which kills 11 million people annually.
In cancer, NaNots target tumor-generated immune-inhibitors, which all solid tumor cancers secrete to enable immune evasion. Depleting these targets from circulation induces their migration out from the tumor microenvironment, enabling immunologic response and tumor regression that safely exceeds the performance of checkpoint inhibitors (preclinical data). For treating sepsis, NaNots target key inflammatory cytokines known to drive this condition.
NaNotics has completed engineering of NaNots against multiple targets, documenting efficacy in multiple disease models.
The NaNotics team invented the technology and has received six broad patents to date, with many more pending.
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