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Inherent Targeting is developing nerve targeted fluorescent contrast agents to improve surgical outcomes. Nerve injury is a feared surgical complication, causing lasting pain and loss of function in patients. Intraoperative nerve damage affects 50 million patients and incurring a $12.5 billion cost to the healthcare system annually. Currently, surgeons are entirely unassisted in nerve identification and preservation, relying solely on naked eye visualization or anatomical knowledge. Our technology, Nerve Trace, provides direct highlighting of nerves during surgery in real time. Using near-infrared fluorescence, Nerve Trace enables visualization of nerves buried beneath the surface with high contrast over other tissues, allowing surgeon’s to see the unseen and successfully spare nerves. Currently, lead optimization has been completed for Nerve Trace and preclinical pharmacology and toxicology testing is underway towards first-in-human clinical trials.
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Privately Funded Company
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United States
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Nerve Trace
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Inherent Targeting