Boryung Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

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Boryung Pharmaceutical is a fully integrated South Korean biopharmaceutical company established in 1963, which has been listed on the Korean stock market since 1988. Boryung has a wide range of portfolio assets across multiple disease areas including oncology cardiovascular disease, metabolic disease, vaccines and so on.
Also the company has a track record of successfully developing and marketing an angiotensin receptor blocker – Fimasartan - a novel chemical drug for the treatment of hypertension, whereby everything from drug discovery to its development, commercialization and marketing was performed in house. This drug is currently making an annual revenue over 80 million US dollars. One of R&D pipeline is BR2002, a First-in-class triple inhibitor of PI3K delta and gamma, as well as DNA PK. it shows superior efficacy as a monotherapy. It is currently in phase 1 clinical trials across the US and South Korea.
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Korea - South Korea
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Boryung Pharmaceutical