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Immunwork is a privately held biotech featuring our T-E tech platform, which is based on proprietary multi-arm linkers, enables the construction of new drugs with both targeting and effector moieties, including long-acting therapeutic peptides, ADCs, and ARCs.
Immunwork plans to advance five product candidates through IND submission and to initiate a Phase I study for two of them, in the next two to three years. We have established a strong patent portfolio with over 50 granted patents in the US, Japan, and a few other major countries, and over 50 more patent applications pending. We believe that our first line of products presents substantial differentiation over existing products in their respective fields. Currently, we are seeking licensing and co-developing partners for these drug candidates.
Assets at the preclinical stage: Long-acting GLP-1, long-acting insulin, long-acting octreotide, anti-CD38-lenalidomide ADC, and anti-fibrin-rtPA.
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Privately Funded Company
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TE-8105, long-acting GLP-1 RA
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Immunwork, Inc.