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Senda Biosciences is pioneering the field of Intersystems Biology to create novel treatments for human disease. Intersystems Biology focuses on how molecular connections between plant, bacterial, and human cells—coevolved over millennia—define health and disease. Senda’s Intersystems Biology discovery platform, built using new techniques in computational biology, has been able to generate novel, actionable insights into the trillions of interspecies molecular connections in the human body, and harnesses the power of this “pharmacy within us”. Senda also has a full suite of deployment capabilities across small molecules and large biomolecules, including novel interspecies transfer modalities which leverage the evolutionary properties of plants and bacteria. These novel transfer modalities can deploy nucleic acids, proteins, and peptides in previously impossible ways, including orally – enabling the creation of entirely new categories of medicines. Senda was founded by Flagship Labs.
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Privately Funded Company
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United States
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Senda Biosciences