[On Demand] is a synthetic biology company with a focus on human cells and cell therapies. We apply the principles of computation and engineering to biology, with the goal of producing consistent batches of every type of human cell.

This has the potential to unlock a new generation of medicine and it will enable research and drug discovery to move on from inappropriate models and work with the cells that actually are affected by human disease.'s technology, opti-ox, is a cell engineering approach. It engineers transcription factors into safe harbour sites in a cell's DNA to overcome gene silencing. It’s transitioning biology to something that looks more like engineering because it’s reliable, repeatable and scalable.

There are already two cell types on the market from the company for use in drug development and discovery. With the addition of a Chief Medical Officer the next stage in the strategy is more cell types and a move into the clinic to create cell based therapies.

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Privately Funded Company
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United Kingdom
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hiPSC derived human cells
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CEO and Founder