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OnQuality is a targeted cancer supportive care (TCSC) pharmaceutical company dedicated to the development of treatments to address specific side effects of cancer therapies, to improve quality-of-life and outcomes for patients living with cancer.

Traditional approaches to supportive care focus on symptoms. Our approach to cancer supportive care is unique. To protect non-cancer cells, we target the pathways that cause side effects at the source. This way, we can prevent side effects without interfering with the actual cancer treatment.

Our leading compound OQL011 is being studied in a phase 2 clinical trial that is currently enrolling. We are developing two assets that are currently in the pre-clinical stage and are scheduled to enter clinical trials in the near future. Additionally, we have two promising assets that are in the early discovery stage targeting oncogastroenterology conditions.
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Privately Funded Company
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United States
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OnQuality Pharmaceuticals