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OrthoTrophix focuses on development of the first-in-class disease modifying osteoarthritis drug (DMOAD). OA is the second largest reason for disability in those over 50. Its ultimate therapy is a very expensive joint replacement surgery.

While a conventional belief of OA pathology was cartilage degeneration, recent studies have revealed that a pathological three-dimensional (3D) shape change of joint bones is a root pathology and that it reliably predicts onset and progression of OA as well as its clinical symptoms.

The lead DMOAD candidate of OrthoTrophix has demonstrated significant delay in pathological 3D shape change of joint bones in moderate to severe knee OA patients. Most importantly, the structural improvement was associated with robust improvements of knee function and pain. OrthoTrophix is ready for its registration studies in the U.S. In addition, we have identified a key target molecule to modify the pathological 3D bone shape change.
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