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490 BioTech develops next-generation toxicity assay systems to support economic, high throughout, 3D and co-culture compatible screening with only a single preparation step. These assays use light in the visible spectrum, just like existing bioluminescent/fluorescent assays, to continuously indicate real-time metabolic activity/viability dynamics for up to 7 days from undisturbed samples, but do not require any external activation to function. This reduces both measurement error and assay cost by eliminating steps and perturbation from existing workflows, while maintaining your same equipment and testing conditions. This drop-in replacement capability, combined with improved functionality, enables exciting new capabilities and accelerates existing research by producing more data, reducing costs, and enabling continuous automated tracking without requiring perturbation at any point throughout the data collection process.
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Privately Funded Company
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United States
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Ready-To-Use Toxicity Assay Mix
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