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Nippon Chemiphar is a middle-sized pharmaceutical company in Japan, established in 1950, and listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. We have been focusing on research and development of innovative small molecule medicines. Our R&D strategy is a kind of bio-venture style, focusing on drug discovery and early-stage development and then seeking out-licensing or collaboration for further development.
We are currently developing unique differentiated compounds and actively looking for potential licensees or collaboration partners.
In this presentation, I would like to introduce our NC-2600, the only P2X4 receptor antagonist at clinical stage for chronic cough. Although several P2X3R antagonists have been developed, we believe P2X4R is ideal target for chronic cough and NC-2600 will be effective for wider range of chronic cough than targeting P2X3. Its Ph-1 is completed in Japan, and no taste disturbances were observed, which is one of concerns of P2X3R antagonists.
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