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InterAx is pioneering a new scientific discipline at the intersection of biology and machine learning with the aim to be on the forefront of the digital transformation of drug discovery and ultimately improve human health.

We are a Swiss biotech company, spinoff of ETH Zurich incorporated in 2016, reinventing drug discovery to significantly reduce the time and costs associated with the discovery and development of new drugs for a wide array of human diseases.

Our solution lies in the combination of in-house experimental assays, mathematical modelling and artificial intelligence to analyze and predict the physiological response of cells to drugs. We are able to describe the complex action of drug molecules in their cellular context and to guide the optimization of drug candidates to achieve a specific cellular response leading to higher efficacy and reduced side effects in humans, thus significantly accelerating drug discovery and de-risking clinical trials.
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Privately Funded Company
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Undisclosed novel target, high medical need: Several cancer types, including breast.
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