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ID4Pharma (or ID4) is a University-Pittsburgh technology-based startup and is a leading innovator for anti-Multiple Myeloma (MM) new drug discovery. ID4 has developed a global patent technology of a first-in-class SQSTM1 target-specific anti-MM new drug: Sequesta®. They are also a winner of the federal SBIR ‘Fast Track’ grant award ($2.3 Million) for FDA IND-enabling anti-MM drug preclinical trials.
Sequesta® has its competitive advantage in treatment of MM disease relapse, particularly for MM patients who develop drug resistance in clinics. Another uniqueness of drug Sequesta® is its dual therapeutics of high in vivo efficacy of inhibiting MM tumor growth and also improving the tumor-bearing bone density without drug resistance observed. ID4 has completed the FDA IND-enabling studies, showing high efficacy and low GLP-toxicity in Rat and Monkey. ID4 is ready to move the new drug to human Phase IB/IIA clinical trials with a full speed fast-track commercialization toward the MM drug market.
D4Pharma has a strong executive management team of CEO, CDO and sicnestis from former Pharma companies or FDA regulation approval department, in taking the technology to next phases. Currently, we are seeking strategic partners and VCs for Phase IB/IIA clinical trials., ultimately towards to drug market. (’ Cell 832-755-1268).
Founder/CSO & Chairman of the Board