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Picomole is an innovative medical technology company. Our goal is to revolutionize lung cancer detection and make our proprietary breath analytics technology the standard of care for a range of non-invasive clinical diagnostics and personalized medicine.
Picomole’s technology analyzes metabolites contained within exhaled breath, identifying patterns, and generating a unique breath profile for each patient. Our proprietary Breath Sampler, Spectrometer and Breath Screening Software work together in harmony, accurately screening for disease. Picomole’s technology has been proven detect lung cancer with high accuracy (>85%). We are poised to enter the lung cancer screening ($3B annual recurring revenue) market within the next three years, as the first and best in class technology.
Lung cancer is just the beginning. Picomole currently has Proof of Concept studies underway to identify breast cancer, COVID-19 and soon will be launching a study to detect Parkinson Disease.
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Privately Funded Company
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New Brunswick
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Lung Cancer Screening Tool
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