AptamiR Therapeutics, Inc.

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Structure: AptamiR is a Biotech Company developing pre-clinical drug candidates
Mission: Treat fat accumulation, inflammation and fibrosis to cure obesity, dyslipidemia, diabetes and MAFLD without altering brain functions while improving quality of life of patients
Strategy: Transform fat-storing cells into fat-burning cells to increase lipid oxidation, mitochondrial activity and energy expenditure
Accomplishment to date: Proofs of efficacy for our first generation of oligonucleotides therapeutics targeting miRNAs achieved in human adipocytes in culture and in animal models
Goal for the next 24 months: Complete the pre-IND and IND phases for the second generation of miR-22-3p Antagomirs to treat obesity, diabetes and fatty liver disease
Gap to achieve this goal: Secure Series B financing ($5M)
Major milestone: Initiate within 2 years the clinical studies of the lead miR-22-3p antagomir drug candidate while evaluating geographic licensing opportunities and strategic partnerships
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Privately Funded Company
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United States
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miR-22 antagomir
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AptamiR Therapeutics, Inc.