KAER Biotherapeutics Corporation

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KAER™ Biotherapeutics provides new treatments for respiratory diseases through the inhalation of therapeutic aerosols using its proprietary SUPRAER™ technology. KAER’s technology can deliver solid and liquid-phase treatments. SUPRAER offers significant improvement over present delivery systems; produceing extremely fine particle aerosols from both low and high viscosity solutions with high molecular weight. These inhaled therapeutics are delivered at a preselected size and at significantly improved (high) dose rates, this helps minimize treatment times and improves clinical outcomes. The company has a worldwide intellectual property portfolio 20 issued and 10 pending patents) for the generation, processing and delivery of aerosols for respiratory ailments.

KAER is developing aerosolized surfactant for the treatment of acute respiratory distress and is looking to team with pharmaceutical companies to deliver their proprietary agents.
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Privately Funded Company
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United States
Year Founded:
March 2008
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SUPRAER-Aqueous, SUPRAER-Solid-Phase
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KAER Biotherapeutics Corpration