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Carina Biotech is an Australian immuno-oncology company developing CAR-T and other adoptive cell therapies to treat solid cancers. The company has a pipeline of novel CAR-T programs in preclinical development for the treatment of a range of solid cancers, with the lead program targeting LGR5, a cancer stem cell marker. In addition, the company has developed a proprietary multi-functional chemokine receptor platform to enable CAR-T cell arming, homing and access to tumours and an efficient CAR-T cell manufacturing platform to increase efficacy and persistence within tumours.

Product portfolio includes:
LGR5 CAR T cell therapy for treatment of colorectal cancer, pancreatic, ovarian and neuroblastoma
GPC-1 CAR-T cell therapy for the treatment of prostate cancer
Expertise in the design and development of CARs to selected targets for use in adoptive cell therapies

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Privately Funded Company
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LGR5 targeting CAR-T cell
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Carina Biotech