Simpson Biotech

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Simpson Biotech Co., Ltd.(SBC), established in 1998, is a privately held company located in Taipei, Taiwan focusing on
1>. Fermented or enzymatic hydrolyzed natural ingredients as dietary supplements (glycemic index reduction, blood sugar control, immune regulation) and pre-clinical drug discovery (preventing or treating NAFLD/NASH, anti-inflammation)
2>. Production of recombinant proteins & industrial enzymes using patented starch binding protein purification platform
3>. Water-soluble chitosan for broad-spectrum anti-virus/yeast/bacteria
Simpson Biotech has 53 granted patents.

【BIO2021 Highlight】
1. Natural compound as oral drug for NAFLD/NASH
2. Broad-spectrum Anti-virus/yeast/bacteria(IC50=50 ppm) water-soluble chitosan for surface spray & fabrics
3. Hydrolyzed Fucoidan for GI (glycemic index) reduction, blood glucose control, immune regulation
4. Recombinant Fungal Protein as oral IFN-γ stimulant for anti-virus, anti-coccidia & antibiotics alternatives
Simpson Biotech Co., Ltd.