Intrommune Therapeutics

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Intrommune Therapeutics is a New York based biotechnology company dedicated to simplifying the treatment of food allergies. Intrommune’s core technology enables immunotherapeutic agents to be delivered in a specially formulated toothpaste designed to incorporate and stabilize allergenic proteins, representing a new therapeutic approach for the treatment of peanut and other food allergies. Conducting allergy immunotherapy via teeth brushing is referred to as oral mucosal immunotherapy (OMIT). OMIT delivers allergenic proteins to the areas of the oral cavity, potentially driving the immune system toward tolerance without ingestion of the allergen. OMIT addresses a significant health care need in the industrialized world, where the spread of food allergies has been characterized as an “epidemic.”
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Privately Funded Company
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New York
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United States
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INT301 for treatment of peanut allergy
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Intrommune Therapeutics