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ACT Genomics is a leading cancer precision medicine solution provider with CAP accreditation and has extended sites/ labs in China, Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore.

We offer full-spectrum NGS-based solutions and work with pharmaceutical companies in biomarker exploration, patient screening, patient referral, CDx development, and clinical testing, to support the needs from clinical research to clinical practice.

Founded in 2014, ACT Genomics has reached a number of milestones and joined several US/JP-led Precision Medicine Biomarker Programs, including US FOCR-led TMB/HRD Harmonization Program and the preferred partner for JP NCCE-led LC-SCRUM Asia screening in TW/ HK.

Our latest test, ACTHRD, is a self-designed, NGS-based 24-gene panel (including BRCA1/2), covering the full mutation spectrum. It also uses a proprietary algorithm to calculate genome-wide LOH to infer genomic scar in tissue samples.

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