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Masmec Biomed is a division of Masmec SpA, a leading robotics Italian company, which designs and manufactures cutting-edge devices to make healthcare quality better for patients and work simpler for healthcare professionals.
At Masmec Biomed, a team of specialists with different backgrounds devises dedicated solutions for laboratory medicine on the one hand, and interventional radiology and surgery on the other.
For diagnostic and research laboratories, Masmec Biomed manufactures a range of customised automation systems, which allow increased efficiency, precision, safety, and rapidity. Its flagship product is a flexible liquid handling platform, that automates nucleic acid extraction, PCR setup, NGS library preparation.
Underlying all this is continuous investment in research: Masmec Biomed has numerous registered patents, carries out Italian and European R&D projects, and teams up with highly skilled partners coming from academia, scientific centres, and industry.
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