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EVVIVAX is a Biotech Company created in June 2016 as a spin off from Takis, a Biotech created by a group of scientists previously part of Merck Research Laboratories (MRL). EVVIVAX pursues the discovery and development of innovative Veterinary Vaccines based on a DNA platform technology, leveraging on its strong track record in drug discovery. EVVIVAX’ frontline candidates are two therapeutic cancer vaccines for canine tumors: a) Tel-eVax, targeting Telomerase (TERT), a key molecule in Oncology. b) Erb-eVax, against HER2/neu oncogene, a well-known and validated target in Oncology. Recently in collaboration with Applied DNA Science (Long Island, NY) EVVIVAX developed LineaCOVID-19, a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 for cats and minks, currently in clinical trial.

EVVIVAX business strategy for the next 5 years is: 1) to develop marketed products in USA and then in Europe; 2) license out the products to Pharma/large Biotech companies, in exchange for upfront, success-based milestones
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Evvivax srl