MUVON Therapeutics AG

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MUVON Therapeutics is a clinical-stage Swiss biotechnology start-up with the goal of developing and commercializing an autologous cell therapy, for the regeneration of skeletal muscle tissue.
Our initial focus is the treatment of stress urinary incontinence in women by regenerating the weakened or damaged sphincter muscle. Compared to existing treatments which either suffer from short-term efficacy or safety concerns (for more potent surgical options), our treatment is low-risk, minimally invasive and aims to provide a cure to this highly prevalent disease.
Following 12 years of preclinical research at the University of Zurich, our team received the approval for a first in-man trial in 2015 and completed GMP validation of our patented production process, leading to the start of the Phase I clinical trial in January 2020 and completion is anticipated in Q3 2021.
MUVON Therapeutics AG