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BIOsens is an innovative biotechnology startup that focuses on development of rapid diagnostic solutions to facilitate food safety. BIOsens developed the world’s first portable mycotoxins detection device allowing farmers, traders and food processing companies (grains) to test products for mycotoxin contamination 100 times faster and onsite.
BIOsens mission is rooted in the fundamental human need for safe, healthy food. By this time, BIOsens created its flagship testing device for the rapid detection of mycotoxins to resolve the problem of mycotoxins contamination. To bring its solution to the market, BIOsens brought together an experienced award-winning team. The team comprises both strong experts-scientists with PhD degrees in biochemistry and IT, and business and finance experts with successful experience in startup development and successful ventures. BIOsens has participated in several incubators, competitions and tradeshows worldwide introducing its idea to potential customers. BIOsens team won numerous competitions, including Intercontinental Startup Battle in San-Francisco and was one of 30 teams selected to participate in Kickstart Accelerator in Switzerland.