General Probiotics

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Necrotic enteritis (NE) sickens and kills chickens, costing farmers $6 billion annually. Our anti-clostridia live therapeutics lower NE mortality by 67%.

Our live therapeutics also lower the feed conversion ratio by 6.8 points.  In a global market of 70 billion broiler chickens produced annually, this FCR can result in surplus protein production equal to 4.76 billion additional birds.

General Probiotics develops first-in-class antimicrobial live therapeutics, or cellbots for short. These are natural microbes (probiotics) selected for their antimicrobial profile, and then genetically engineered for boosted antimicrobial performance in animals.  The anti-clostridia live therapeutic is the most mature asset and is currently being reviewed by the FDA. We have developed prototypes with activity against Salmonella and Campylobacter in chickens, and against E. coli in swine. We are launching anti-viral assets targeting avian flu and African swine fever.

Synthetic bioengineering is geared to maximize delivery of antimicrobial proteins at the site of infection, effectively killing pathogens.

This technology was deemed innovative by the FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine. CVM has granted waivers for sponsor fees to get approval of anti-clostridia cellbots. This is a unique competitive advantage. No other probiotic-based technology can have label claims approved by the FDA.