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Minerva Biotechnologies is a clinical-stage company with a near-term pipeline protected by an IP fortress. huMNC2-CAR44 T cells are in a 1st-in-human Phase I/II trial for metastatic breast cancers (NCT04020575) at the Fred Hutchinson/Bezos Immunotherapy Clinic; trial is now expanding to City of Hope and the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute. Efficacy has been measured in nearly every patient, even at the lowest dosage. To date, no adverse events attributed to the therapy. 2021 IND submission planned for 1XX version of this CAR-T for increased persistence. Target molecule is expressed on over 75% of all solid tumors. Pipeline includes antibody against the onco-embryonic growth factor and a small molecule. Both show robust inhibition/prevention of metastasis in animals.
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Privately Funded Company
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United States
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1st-in-human CAR T Phase I/II trial at Fred Hutchinson NCT04020575
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1) huMNC2-CAR44 T; 2) huMNC2-CAR28-1XX T; 3) Anti-onco-embryonic growth factor MN4A3
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Minerva Biotechnologies Corporation