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Syndya Therapeutics is an early stage, virtual, Swiss based biotech company focusing on NASH drug discovery. By combining clinical-stage NASH backbone drugs with synergistic compounds to increase potency, Syndya's phenotypic, human 3D in-vitro NASH screening platform delivers novel drug combinations quickly and predictively. Most compounds in clinical studies only affect one of these factors primarily, which leads to a lack of potency. Based on a unique, human, predictive 3D in-vitro model for NASH (licensed from InSphero AG), Syndya circumvents this issue by combining an inefficient, clinical backbone drug with synergistic compounds to increase potency. Because our 3D phenotypic NASH screen is based on human cells, not on animal models with poor predictivity, better translation in the clinic is expected. Combinations can be patented and enable evergreening of the patent of the backbone drug. Syndya is looking for a series A funding.
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Privately Funded Company
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NASH Combination Treatment Drugs
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