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Sixal is a pre-clinical biotech company developing a novel monoclonal antibody for treatment of acute allergic disorders currently focused on severe (IgE mediated) food allergy - anaphylaxis. Our affinity designed mAbs [Low Affinity Allergic Response Inhibitor(s) - LARI] are directed against a target validated in allergic humans, the trigger on human allergic effector cells. This results in a unique defined triple mechanism of action that inhibits acute allergic reactions. The proof of principle efficacy and safety experiments in vitro, ex vivo and in animal models have been successfully completed. The lead humanized candidate, E59, has been selected for drug development and IND application. In discussion with the FDA, we have identified a clear path thru phase 1 wherein unique insights into E59s biologic and clinical activity will be available and provide a go/no go signal and a potential large inflection point.


Sixal Inc is presenting as part of the NIH Innovation Zone.

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Privately Funded Company
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United States
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E59 LARI for treatment of all severe food allergy
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Sixal Inc