GeneMedicine, Inc.

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GeneMedicine, Inc. is a bioventure founded in 2014. We are highly specialized for oncolytic adenovirus platform technologies. These state-of-the-art technologies are the achievement of 25 years of extensive and rigorous R&D. GeneMedicine’s oncolytic virus can improve the quality of life and symptoms of cancer patients suffering from intractable diseases. Our oncolytic viruses replicate and selectively destroy cancer cells. Oncolytic virus-mediated destruction of cancer cells induces a systemic antitumor immune response, which can destroy metastasized cancer cells at distal sites. This makes oncolytic viruses promising next-generation cancer therapeutics. Importantly, we have developed systemic delivery platform for oncolytic viruses that avoids rapid blood clearance and inactivation by the immune system and various blood components. It definitely differentiates GeneMedicine from any other competitors in the global oncolytic virus therapy market.
GeneMedicine, Inc.