Energesis Pharmaceuticals

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Energesis Pharmaceuticals is developing a new class of highly differentiated drugs that turn the body into a calorie burning machine in order to address critical unmet needs in the $60B+ combined global market of diabetes and obesity. The company has already demonstrated proof of concept in animals with dramatic reductions in blood sugar and body weight. Brown adipose tissue, or brown fat, mass is highly correlated with leanness, low blood sugar, favorable cholesterol profiles, and better heart health. Previously, there was no method for identifying compounds with the ability to increase brown fat mass. However, Energesis developed a proprietary human system for the discovery of agents that can recruit new brown fat cells and thereby improve metabolic status. The company now has 4 active biologics and small molecule-based programs, and is positioned to initiate a Phase 2 clinical study in mid-2021 on its most advanced asset.

Energesis Pharmaceuticals is presenting as part of the NIH Innovation Zone.



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Energesis Pharmaceuticals