Fatiabgen Co. Ltd

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Fatiabgen is a startup company specialized in Direct Cancer Tumor cell killing using Immunotoxin technology.

Our immunotoxin approach targets solid cancer tumors both Pancreatic cancer and SCLC using improved Antibodies to improve and innovate the existing immunotoxin technology approach.

We have a strong R&D team that would innovate immunotoxin technology.
Professor Choe, research professor at Asan Hospital in Seoul, pioneer of immunotoxin research since 2015.

Recently, Dr. Lim Jung Che joined Fatiabgen lead Immunotoxin research & development, Dr. Lim has extensive experience in Y-Biologics, specialized in Antibody development for more than a decade.
His latest development was DLK1 that led Out-license to Legochem Biologics as well as Pyxis Oncology over $200M.
Dr. Lim is now head of our Immunotoxin development, targeting unmet medical needs such as Pancreatic cancer as well as Small Cell Lung Cancer treatment.
Fatiabgen Co., Ltd.