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Modulari-T, is a pre-clinical stage biotechnology company focused on developing novel antigen receptor architecture to overcome the challenges currently facing CAR-T therapy. Our modular antigen receptor complexes (MARCs) mimic the modular structure of natural immune receptors where antigen recognition domains and signalling domain are part of different proteins (e.g. TCRα/β and CD3γ/δ/ε/ζ). This modular architecture is crucial to the proper activation of signalling cascade and, just as importantly, the subsequent deactivation to allow T cells to enter a refractory period. The precise control of activation cycles by MARCs allow cells to avoid immune exhaustion and insure a persistent the immune response. Modulari-T has developed a diversified pipeline of MARC T cell therapies to address hematological and solid tumors. In the future Modulari-T will address autoimmune disease by targeting autoreactive immune cells with MARC cells.
Modulari-T is part of the Québec Delegation Presentation