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AXON Neuroscience is world’s most clinically advanced biotech in the field of Alzheimer’s disease tau therapeutics with first-in-man tau vaccine AADvac1.

AXON was established by Prof. Michal Novak, who in 1988 discovered tau as the major cause of neurofibrillary pathology in Alzheimer’s disease, while working in a team of Nobel laureates at MRC, Cambridge, UK.

AXON has completed Ph2 study for AADvac1 with positive results and is currently in preparations to enter the pivotal stage of clinical development.

AXON has, along with its primary focus on neurodegenerative diseases, decided to focus also on SARS-CoV-2 virus. The company has successfully completed the preclinical phase for its lead COVID-19 asset: ACmab1 (therapeutic antibodies against COVID-19). This confirmed superior characteristics of ACmab1 vs. other therapies, in terms of efficacy on new mutated variants, method of administration, as well as its significantly lower pricing potential.
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Privately Funded Company
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Not Provided
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Slovakia(Slovak Republic)
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Alzheimer's disease tau vaccine AADvac1
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