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FivepHusion is an Australian biotechnology company commercialising Deflexifol™ , a novel cancer drug formulation as a replacement and enhancement of standard of care 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) and leucovorin for the treatment of solid tumors. Deflexifol™ demonstrates greater safety and tolerability leading to higher maximum tolerated dose and enhanced efficacy, including in patients previously resistant to 5-FU treatment. Having treated >50 end stage solid tumor patients, FivepHusion is now preparing to initiate:
- in 2021, a phase 1b trial in a rare pediatric oncology indication,
- in 2022, a phase III registration trial in first line metastatic colorectal cancer.
The FDA has acknowledged bio-equivalence of Deflexifol™ to 5-FU/LV, and its suitability for the 505(b)(2) registration pathway.
FivepHusion is seeking investment and strategic partners to pursue registration and commercialisation of Deflexifol™ as the new standard of care for solid tumor treatment.
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