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Primetime Life Sciences' mission is to expedite the discovery and development of new and smart treatments by using a multi-disciplinary, highly collaborative, "bench-to-bedside" approach. Our lead project aims to develop a treatment for depression. The lead compound PTLS-181 is a potent and selective A1R agonist. It is a small molecule with excellent drug-like properties. PTLS-181 has a significant advantage over other known A1R agonists. A1R receptor activation has a rapid antidepressive effect via fast up-regulation of Homer1a in the mPFC. The global depression drug market is $4.2 billion and will reach $7.86 billion by 2029. We are conducting IND-enabling studies and planning to file an IND application in June 2022. With a new MOA and rapid action, PTLS-181 will be a premier treatment and capture a significant segment of the antidepressant market.


Primetime Life Sciences, LLC is presenting as part of the NIH Innovation Zone.

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