Reveal Pharmaceuticals Inc.

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Reveal promises to transform medical insight: improving patient safety with the gadolinium-free MRI contrast agent and deepening insight via precision imaging of fibrosis, inflammation, thrombus & more. 40 million contrast enhanced (CE) MRI scans are performed each year. Every CE-MRI causes accumulation of the heavy metal gadolinium in the brain and body of each patient, risking potentially devastating late effects. Despite regulatory warnings there are no alternatives. Those most at risk include people who need repeat CE-MRIs, children, & people with kidney disease. Reveal’s first in class lead product RVP-001 is positioned to seamlessly replace current MRI contrast agents, producing equivalent images using established radiology protocols. Our pipeline of precision imaging agents dovetails with emerging targeted therapeutics to enable diagnosis, patient stratification and early read out of response to treatment for fibrotic diseases, inflammatory conditions & more.

Reveal Pharmaceuticals Inc. is presenting as part of the NIH Innovation Zone.

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Privately Funded Company
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United States
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RVP-001 the gadolinium free MRI contrast agent
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Reveal Pharmaceuticals