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We have developed a new class of mAbs and a novel multimeric ligand technology for cell/tissue-specific targeting and delivery. Our novel mAbs, termed variable lymphocyte receptors (VLRs), are the antigen receptors of jawless vertebrates, and are small, single polypeptide structures, possess a distinctive rigid β-sheet binding site geometry, provide specificities distinct from Ig mAbs and can be engineered to novel structures and functions. We are pursuing development of reagents that bind and discriminate glycans, a unique capability of VLR antibodies, and multivalent VLR polymers (“Antibody Velcro™) as high sensitivity reagents for detection of pathogens and tumors. Our multimeric ligand technology is applicable to: (1) isolating antibodies or receptors, that bind the ligand, (2) modulating the activity of cells that express receptors for the ligand, (3) discovering ligands that target specific cells and/or tissues, and (4) delivering a “modifying” agent to targeted cells/tissues.

NovAb, Inc. is presenting as part of the NIH Innovation Zone.

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Privately Funded Company
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United States
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MM3 VLR mAb for Multiple Myeloma and autoimmune diseases
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1 product
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NovAb, Inc.