SPARK Translational Research Program at Stanford

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The Stanford SPARK program was created fourteen years ago with the overarching goal of translating Stanford’s biomedical research discoveries into therapeutics and diagnostics that will positively impact patient care and the health of our society. Each year, teams of Stanford researchers are selected for participation in the program based upon the following criteria: 1) importance of unmet medical need; 2) novelty of approach; 3) feasibility of development. SPARK provides funding and mentorship to researchers whose projects show promise as future medical therapies. SPARK brings together individuals with different expertise to de-risk the projects and significantly increase the odds that they will be licensed and/or enter clinical study. Approximately 50% of projects completing the SPARK program are licensed to commercial partners (existing/start-up companies). Another 10% are tested in patients at Stanford in faculty-initiated clinical trials.
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Stanford University School of Medicine