Elasmogen Ltd

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Elasmogen has developed a biologics platform based on antibody-like single domains called soloMERs. These 11 kDa natural binding domains bind with high affinity and selectivity to epitopes that are intractable to mAbs and different from competing to domain antibodies. Our robust IP platform and portfolio focuses on new modalities for oncology and auto-immune inflammatory disease. Our lead program is a soloMER drug conjugate targeting ROR1 for solid tumour indications including TNBC. Sustained tumour regression in vivo pre-clinical PDX models, negligible antigenicity and excellent selectivity has been demonstrated and this product is on track for non-GLP NHP tox studies in Q321. Elasmogen has also developed an anti-TNF product, superior to Humira in disease models that is being formulated for oral delivery. The company sees this a truly disruptive approach to biologics which could open up a whole new market opportunity. Underpinning these lead programs is a healthy and growing pipeline.
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Privately Funded Company
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United Kingdom
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solid tumour drug conjugate
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