K9 Biotech

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K9 Biotech’s mission is to bring novel therapeutics to similar human and canine diseases creating 2 value propositions:
A) K9 Biotech has a better indicator of success in human trials (since client owned dogs are a more accurate preclinical efficacy model).
B) K9 Biotech receives a dual Veterinary and Human revenue stream. Veterinary products are planned for out licensing.
K9 Biotech has multiple assets for a variety of indications. For the purpose of BIO 2021, K9 Biotech will focus the presentation on a small molecule asset in late preclinical stage targeting EIF4a for various human cancer indications (stemming from a recent JV)
K9's team consist of seasoned CSO’s, presidents of large industry, influential Human/Veterinarian disease specialists (KOL's), and stakeholders in the field of 'One Health'.
Company Type:
Privately Funded Company
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New York
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United States
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