Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

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The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) is the leading disease foundation with a disruptive-by-design approach to powering research that is laser focused on accelerating cures. The MMRF goal is to urgently power the development of new precision medicines until there is a cure for each and every multiple myeloma patient. 

Based on decades of a focused mission to identify and invest in new paths to cures, MMRF has been a catalyst in the development and access to 15 drugs and an increased life expectancy in MM patients. Initiated 10 years ago, the MMRF CoMMpass study continues to be a transformative engine for drug discovery and development with deep longitudinal and unidentifiable genetic data on more than 1,150 newly diagnosed multiple myeloma patients.

With patient data as the fuel that powers its mission forward, MMRF has launched its next transformational program, the MMRF CureCloud - an insights engine powered by patient contribution of clinical and genomic data. In addition to powering the next generation of research, every patient who enrolls in the MMRF CureCloud is provided access to cutting-edge genomic sequencing and a personalized report detailing their specific genomic mutations and potential clinical trials to discuss with their doctor. 

Along with CoMMpass and the MMRF CureCloud, MMRF has created a model to accelerate drug development bringing data, scientific expertise, and relationships together to speed progress toward a cure. The MMRF powers research through its venture philanthropy subsidiary, the Myeloma Investment Fund, which has an exceptional track record of identifying and investing in innovative therapeutic approaches and technology platforms for myeloma, demonstrated by its six investments and two early exits in just two years. To bolster this track, the MMRF Biotech Investment Awards will be relaunching in 2021 to identify the next programs to support. Additionally, the Multiple Myeloma Research Consortium currently done 80 trials across a clinical network of 22 sites and is continuously seeking new opportunities to support the most innovative precision medicine programs and data-centric approaches that will ultimately cure every patient.

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