M Bio Technology Inc.

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We are world leading group in the field of the discovery and development of innovative therapeutic strategy for MID (Mycoplasma Infectious Diseases) based on our pioneering technology.

We are proposing evolutionally innovative diagnostic, vaccine, and therapeutics for precision preventive medicine and sustainable medicine.

We are seeking for partners to create MID Global Medical Network (MID CONSORTIUM) for the advanced medicine with technical innovation and superior service to support throughout the world.

M Bio Technology Inc. develops innovative drug candidates, diagnostics, and therapeutic technologies: vaccine (MID Vaccine™), therapeutic antibody (MID Therapeutic antibody™), diagnostics (MID Prism®), precision therapy (MID Precision Medicine™) for Mycoplasma Infectious Diseases (MID).

M Bio Technology Inc. is developing potential first-in-class treatment solutions for unmet medical diseases, due to Drug-Resistant Pathogen.
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Privately Funded Company
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Therapeutic Vaccine
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M Bio Technology Inc.