KMU-Prof. Tian-Lu Cheng Lab

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Kaohsiung Medical University (KMU) was founded in 1954 and features 5 reputable teaching hospitals in Southern Taiwan. Prof. Tian-Lu Cheng Lab focus on discovering and developing innovative antibody platform. Researchers at the Lab are committed to reducing the side effects of monoclonal antibody drugs and providing safer and more effective therapy. The core technology, "Universal Antibody Lock", can improve the disease selectivity of antibody and enhance the safety of antibody treatment. The Lab is working to develop innovative products which may satisfy the unmet medical needs. At BIO Digital we are focusing on co-development and out-licensing.

Company Type:
Privately Funded Company
Company HQ State:
Not Provided
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Year Founded:
Main Therapeutic Focus:
Lead Product in Development:
3 high safety pro-antibodies (anti TNF-a, anti PH-1, andti-CTLA4)
Development Phase of Primary Product:
Number Of Unlicensed Products (For Which You Are Seeking Partners):
Tansoar Biotechnology limited company