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Our mission is to dramatically reduce global cancer mortality by early detection, reduce ineffective treatment and unnecessary cost by prediction of treatment response, and enable restarting therapy by early detection of recurrence. Our liquid biopsy is applicable to all solid tumors, all stages of cancer, and all therapies.

Creatv's revolutionary blood biomarker and innovative platform provides a highly personalized test called LifeTracDxTM liquid biopsy with broad clinical applications for cancer. LifeTracDxTM can
• detect solid tumors as early as stage I before symptoms develop,
• provide companion diagnostics without tissue biopsy,
• predict treatment response within 30-60 days for most therapies including immunotherapy,
• provide copious unfragmented tumor DNA for sequencing, and
• detect recurrence earlier than imaging.
Clinical application of these highly sensitive and specific tests will reduce morbidity and significantly improve patient outcomes.
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Privately Funded Company
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United States
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LifeTracDx Liquid Biopsy
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