DevaCell, Inc.

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DevaCell is a preclinical stage therapeutics company developing next generation viral therapeutics with programs in vaccines, oncolytic virotherapy and gene therapy.

Vaccine:Our lead program that are moving into clinical trials in 2022, is a COVID19 vaccine. Our vaccine program utilizes a surface engineered viral vector to express spike protein. Our animal studies show best in class humoral and cellular immunity. In addition, our surface engineering enables BOOSTER shots that has been the biggest limitation of current viral vectors based vaccine approaches. We are actively looking for partnership and collaboration opportunities to accelerate the development of our vaccine program. Oncolytic Virotherapy:Certain viruses have the ability to kill cancer cells but are detected by the immune system. Our nano-encapsulation protects the virus from recognition, significantly improving the accumulation in tumors upon SYSTEMIC administration and enables the attachment of surface molecules.
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Privately Funded Company
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