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AUTOTACBio, We challenge to create the new modality for target protein degradation platform technology using AUTOTAC(Autophagy-Targeting Chimera). Through this platform we are development the new drug for neurodegeneration disease, oncology, metabolite disease, inflammatory disease and others rare disease. AUTOTAC Platform Technology
AUTOTAC is the Autophagy-Targeting chimera. It composed three factors, Target-binding ligand, autophagy-targeting ligand and linker. The Drug target-binding ligand can be commercial drugs, current candidates, failed candidates and general ligands.
Autotac link the target protein to autophagy cargo receptors for autophagic degradation and induce the lysosomal degradation. Theoretically, most of pathological(e.g., oncoprotein) can be degraded. AUTOTAC provides a novel therapeutic avenue for protein-related disorder.
This platform can provide the advanced technology than PROTAC.
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Privately Funded Company
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Not Provided
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Korea - South Korea
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Lead Product in Development:
ATC-102, Alzheimer Disease
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Number Of Unlicensed Products (For Which You Are Seeking Partners):
5 kinds(Cancer, metabolite disease, Amyloidosis, Muscular dystrophy)
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