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LAGOSTA is a Swiss blue biotech company, expert in biomedical chitosan production.

Our exclusive product is produced via farming European spiny lobsters - Palinurus elephas - in our state-of-the-art indoor fully controlled facility. Our spiny lobsters are organically grown, without any use of chemicals, antibiotics, nor hormones. During their growth, spiny lobsters naturally generate molts. LAGOSTA harvests these by-products, without harming the animal, and converts them into chitosan. This resulting product exhibits unparallel molecular characteristics for biomedical applications.

Research has discovered multiple pharmaceutical/biotech applications for chitosan. These discoveries have yet to benefit patients despite the huge applications potential for the sole reason that reproducible cGMP chitosan is not yet available.

LAGOSTA, thanks to this innovative approach, is the sole company to offer a biomedical chitosan with reproducible biological properties.

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