None of Us are Safe Unless All of Us are Safe: Business Lessons Learned Delivering a Global COVID-19 Vaccine

12:15 PM - 1:30 PM (PDT), Tuesday, June 14, 2022 ・ Session Room 6B

In the face of a global pandemic, vaccine companies, like Novavax, made the decision to develop vaccines for the most pressing and unpredictable global public health crisis of our lives – COVID-19. While they knew they had to ramp up quickly and strategically partner, they also learned valuable lessons along the way about what it really takes to deliver a vaccine to the world.  

In this session, experts will discuss the analysis, planning, and execution that went into building a business model and establishing a global network of manufacturing and distribution partners.  

Panelists will discuss what worked well and what didn’t, offering insights on how to maximize global partnerships and alliances to reduce clinical, regulatory, manufacturing and distribution challenges for the next global pandemic. One clear lesson: the best model to prepare for the next pandemic is one that brings us together as a global community.  

The discussion will focus on the central theme of “lessons learned” during the COVID-19 pandemic and will offer a “Harvard Business School Case Study” approach that looks at the challenges, solutions, and future opportunities through a global lens.  

The panel will provide a holistic view of the real-world challenges and practical solutions that were required to get vaccines into the arms of people around the world, ranging from funding for technology and clinical development to global distribution and equitable access.  

Leaders from diverse fields will provide their unique perspectives in a dynamic discussion followed by an interactive Q&A session.  

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