Stopping the Next Pandemic Before it Starts: What We’ve Learned

12:15 PM - 1:30 PM (PDT), Tuesday, June 14, 2022

As the world began its extraordinary drive to address one of the most unpredictable global public health crises of our time, vaccine companies like Novavax had already long been pushing the boundaries of science to develop a differentiated protein-based COVID-19 vaccine. While the science targeting coronaviruses with vaccines was well advanced, stakeholders quickly realized the paramount importance of swiftly expanding development capabilities and partnering strategically to deliver a solution for this massive societal need.  What typically takes close to a decade was complete in less than two years with the same commitment to scientific rigor and quality. In this session, join us for a look behind the curtain at the comprehensive planning that helped establish an effective vaccine creation model and global network of manufacturing and distribution partners in record time. Leaders in this space will participate in a panel discussion focused on addressing future pandemics with specific emphasis on greater capacity to make vaccines — capacity that’s distributed across the globe— by maximizing global partnerships and alliances to reduce clinical, regulatory, manufacturing and distribution challenges. One clear lesson: the best model to prepare for the next pandemic is one that begins now and implores us to operate as a global community.


The discussion will focus on the central theme of “lessons learned” during the COVID-19 pandemic and will offer a “Harvard Business School Case Study” approach that looks at the challenges, solutions, and future opportunities through a global lens.  

The panel will provide a holistic view of the real-world challenges and practical solutions that were required to get vaccines into the arms of people around the world, ranging from funding for technology and clinical development to global distribution and equitable access.  

Leaders from diverse fields will provide their unique perspectives in a dynamic discussion followed by an interactive Q&A session.  

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