South Rampart Pharma, LLC

3:00 PM - 3:15 PM (PDT), Tuesday, June 14, 2022
SRP-3D (DA) is a novel non-narcotic small molecule with a markedly safe liver profile. Unlike acetaminophen, SRP-3D (DA) does not generate the toxic metabolite NAPQI nor disrupt hepatic tight junctions, two liver toxicity MOAs. Further, we have discovered the MOA by which it exerts pain relief in the nociception area of the brain. Lastly, as a non-NSAID, it lacks kidney toxicity.

In 2021, the FDA IND opened for chronic pain and in January 2022, a Phase 1 clinical trial began. The scientific basis and commercialization potential is supported by a current NIH/NINDS STTR ‘fast-track’ grant.

To date, we have raised $7.75M. Currently, we are steering our efforts to support multiple Ph 2a proof of concept clinical trials for neuropathic pain, Ph 2a in patients with pain and liver disease, and a Ph 1 for acute pain with an IV formulation. The planned Phases 1 and 2a trials are de-risked by the mechanisms we have discerned for SRP-3D (DA)’s safety (Ph 1) and analgesia (Ph 2a).
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SRP-3D (DA) in Ph 1 clinical trials
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