Balto Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

4:30 PM - 4:45 PM (PDT), Wednesday, June 15, 2022
Balto is a drug discovery company pursuing the vast potential of small molecule inhibitors or degraders of protein-protein interactions (PPIs) in cancer.
Platform: PPIs provide a rich source of targets for drug discovery. However, the identification of PPI inhibitors remains a significant challenge. At Balto, we have developed industry-leading platform technology for disrupting PPIs through Disruption by Degradation. Unlike PROTACs, PPI inhibitors isolated with our platform are monovalent degraders, which could represent a new class of therapeutics.
Pipeline: One of the hallmarks of immune checkpoint therapy is the durable responses that can be translated into survival benefit. However, only about 20% of cancer patients benefit from the immunotherapy. Using our platform technology, Balto has discovered novel PPI inhibitors that harness the immune system to destroy cancer cells, potentially allowing the treatment of cancers that are resistant to the current immune therapy.
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